Group Activities

We have been busy this year both in front and behind the scenes. Most of what we do, in fact, isn’t always seen by the young people!

Although we are lucky to have use of the Hall, we are responsible for the upkeep of the interior- and if there are certain things that we want, we have to fundraise for them and arrange them ourselves. Through the summer we had a good clear out of the garage and various cupboards that was started the previous year. We managed to dispose of SIX van loads to the dump along with items that were recycled and sent elsewhere. Thats approximately, well, a good couple of tonnes of broken old junk removed from the Hall leaving more space for things that we actually need! We’ve still got to finish sorting out our tent store and theres bound to be more that we can do but its an amazing amount of work that we’ve got done…. with the same few volunteers as always.

This brings us onto the main point of this article. We’ve got a great bunch of people but we always need more help- its only ever the same few people that volunteer every time and this cannot continue. We brought back the Bank of Scoutland vouchers with this years Registration Packs and we want them used. We have tasks that may just take 1 hour and we have ongoing happenings that need regular attention and you will always be welcomed with open arms! We cannot continue with the same few people helping all the time and are waiting eagerly for your help.

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