Cubs: The Term So Far

So, we’ve been back for a few weeks now and apart from a small weather hiccup, we’ve been busy learning, exploring and doing!

As much as we can, we are out and about and have enjoyed the start of Autumn by making natural art in the shape of our new logo. We have also held an badge in an evening session recently, earning our Air Activities Stage 1 by flying paper airplanes, talking about flying, drawing fantasy aircraft and discovering the history of flight.

Anyone who has access to our OSM might notice that Kat has planned each night with a theme- the Air Activities night celebrated the anniversary of the last flight of Concorde!

Next week the theme is communication- acknowledging the first test of TV by John Logie Baird. We will hopefully be communicating over a distance- maybe with the phonetic alphabet we learnt this week!

If you’d like to join in the fun- either as a young person or an adult- please contact Kat

I look forwards to updating you again soon